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Floor and wall protection sheet

Floor and wall protection sheet

  • Item No.: CO03332267

Mantis Corrugated plastic floor and wall protection sheet provides the ideal alternatives to plywood or other timber products for the temporary protection of floors, walls, doors, stairs, windows, etc. It is widely used on decorating, building, refurbishing and constructing worksites to prevent dust, items dropping, water and other liquids from penetrating and damaging the protected surfaces..
It is made from an extruded twinwall polypropylene sheet in flexible thicknesses that are mainly made in between 2mm and 6mm. Its hollow corrugated structure makes it highly impact resistant whilst being extremely light in weight. 
More Product Features:
· Waterproof, strong, durable, impact resistant, corrosion resistant, reusable.
· Easy to cut with a knife and blade.
· Easy to crease and bend.

· Packaging available in both Roll form and Flat form. 
· Optional colors (Most popular colors are black, white, translucent and transparent).
· Available in recycled grade. It makes the sheets economic.
· Optional thicknesses (Popular: 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm).  
· Optional functions: Flame retardant, anti-static, UV stabilized.
· Regular sizes: 2440mmx1220mm(96’’’’x48’’), 1830mmx1220mm(72’’x48’’).
· Door sizes: 2000mmx1000mm(79’’x39’’), 2000mmx1500mm(79’’x59’’).
· Personalized logo and branding printing available.

  Specifications Chart  
Product Name Corrugated plastic flooring protection sheet
Raw Material Twinwall polypropylene (PP) sheet (corrugated plastic sheet)
Thickness/Gauge (mm) 2 2.5 3 4 5 to 6
Weight (g/sqm) 280~350 350~400 400~500 650~750 800~1000
Popular Sizes(mm/inch) 2440mmx1220mm(96’’x48’’), 1830mmx1220mm(72’’x48’’), 2000mmx1000mm(79’’x39’’), 2000mmx1500mm(79’’x59’’), 2400mmx1200mm(94’’x47’’)
Colour Natural(transparent), Tranlucent, White, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Violet, Brown, Pink, other customized colours
Features/Advantages light weight Cost effective
Non-toxic Weather resistance
Waterproof Printable
Shockproof Recycable
Long lifespan Corrosion preventive
Optional Functions UV protection Anti-static/conductive Other custom functions
Flame retardance Custom colours
Oxidation inhibition Corona treatment
Suitable Industries Contruction, building, refurbishment, decoration,etc

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  Packing and Shipment  

A few packing methods are suitable for corrugated plastic sheet products packaging. It is quite flexible as it is a strong packing material itself actually. 

a. Nude packing
b. Plastic film packing + Corner protectors
c. Packing belt packing
d. Plastic film+Pallets
e. Cardboard carton boxes

There are more inconceivable places in which corrugated plastic sheet is able to realize its protection mission. Branding and logo printing are available. Let us customize an unique product to suit your own requirement. Please contact us for more information.