• Flower Display Stand
Flower Display Stand

Flower Display Stand

  • Item No.: CO02710288

Mantis Product® FLOWER DISPLAY STAND is a step appearance of display stand made of durable corrugated plastic boards. It is a new style of stand for displaying fresh or artificial flowers as well as other products for sale at flower shops or shopping malls. It is a good replacement of stands made of metal and wood material due to its advantages in physical and chemical aspects.
The first generation of the display stand has been in use in the market for a couple of years and has obtained a lot of favorable comments from the market. In the meantime, some helpful feedback came through and significant improvement was made to the product. A second generation came out.
Now, Mantis Product Launches the second generation of corrugated plastic step display stands to the market.  

  Product Size  
3-Step display stand:  H:850mm     W:950mm      3x250mm steps
4-Step display stand:  H:1110mm  W: 1200mm     4x250mm steps

  Appreances From Different Angles  

  Product Features  
·Light weight - Easy for one person to move or carry
·Large weight bearing ability - Able to support 3 or 4 adults standing on (above 500kgs)
·Water proof & Chemical resistant - Stainless and plastic parts used
·Shipment & Storage in flat form - Flat packaged
·Quick assembly structure - all pre-assembled, only two easy assembly steps left for users
·Long lifespan body material - able to be on duty for decades without human power damage on purpose
·Safe body structure - Rounded corners applied instead of untreated/sharp corners

  Product Instructions Manual  
Step 1: Put the steps on the backboard
Step 2: Put the plastic screws on to stabilize the steps  
Step 3: On duty :)

  Packing and Shipment  

A few packing methods are suitable for corrugated plastic sheet products packaging. It is quite flexible as it is a strong packing material itself actually. 
a. Nude packing
b. Plastic film packing + Corner protectors
c. Packing belt packing
d. Plastic film+Pallets
e. Cardboard carton boxes


There are more colors and sizes of this product that Mantis Product is able to customize for customers. Thus, the stands will be suitable for displaying many different items in different places. Let us customize an unique product to suit your own requirement. Please contact us for more information.