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Plastic layer pad

Plastic layer pad

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Plastic Layer pad is also known as plastic tier sheet, plastic slip sheet and plastic locator board, which is widely used in the bottling and beverage industry as a divider sheet in between bottles, cans and glass for stacking purpose. It secures the palletized cargoes in transit.

Mantis Product
plastic layer pad is made of high quality twinwall polypropylene sheet(Corrugated polypropylene sheet) in 3mm to 5mm thickness in custom sizes and colors.  It is sealed on all 4 sides. 4 corners are rounded to protect the outside packing film from being damaged by sharp corners. Besides, this will make cleaning simple and effective which will avoid contamination risks.

If required, Mantis Product
 corrugated plastic layer pad can be easily branded by us printing your own logo on directly. 

Product Features:
· Cost effective. The pads are durable and shockproof, which can be used for over 50 cycles. 
· Moisture, oil and chemical resistance.
· Waterproof and washable.
· Reducing damages during transit.
· Printable. Can be easily branded.
· Sealed edges and rounded corners.
· Light but strong.
· Easy to depalletize.
· Recyclable

 Product® makes your palletization much easier!

Product Name Corrugated plastic layer pad
Raw Material Twinwall polypropylene (PP) sheet (corrugated plastic sheet, corflute sheet)
Thickness/Gauge (mm) 3 3.5 4 4.5 5
Weight (g/sqm) 700-1200 750~1200 800~1400 950~1500 1100-1600
Popular Sizes(mm/inch) 1000mmx1000mm (40''x40''), 1000mmx1200mm (40''x48''), 1100mmx1400mm (44''x55''), 1155mmx1155mm (45''x45''), 1300mmx1200mm (51''x48''), 1165mmx1165mm (46''x46'')
Colour Natural(transparent), Tranlucent, White, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Violet, Brown, Pink, other customized colours
Features/Advantages light weight Cost effective
Non-toxic Weather resistance
Waterproof Printable
Shockproof Recycable
Long lifespan Corrosion preventive
Optional Functions UV protection Anti-static/conductive Other custom functions 
Flame retardance Custom colours
Oxidation inhibition Corona treatment
Suitable Industries Packaging industry, Bottling&Beverage industry

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  Packing and Shipment  

A few packing methods are suitable for corrugated plastic sheet products packaging. It is quite flexible as it is a strong packing material itself actually. 
a. Nude packing
b. Plastic film packing + Corner protectors
c. Packing belt packing
d. Plastic film+Pallets
e. Cardboard carton boxes


There are more industries that corrugated plastic layer pad is able to be used in. Custom sizes and colours are available. Let us customize an unique product to suit your own requirement. Please contact us for more information.