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  • Vegetable and fruit packaging box
Vegetable and fruit packaging box

Vegetable and fruit packaging box

  • Item No.: CO03428203

Vegetable and fruit packaging box made of corrugated plastic is a great alternative to regular cardbard packaging box. Corrugated plastic box shows many practical advantages listed below.
A. Water and moisture proof  
B. Durable  
C. Corrosion Preventive  
D. Reusable  
E. Recyclable  
F. Printable  
G. Shockproof

Box Material Corrugated plastic sheet
Box Size Flexible/as per request
Material Board Thickness Optional (in between 2mm and 6mm)
Box Design As per request
Colour option White, black, green, blue, yellow, red, orange, brown, other custom colours
Bearing Ability 1kg-50kgs
Features/Advantages Light weight, Non-toxic, Waterproof, Shockproof, Long lifespan, Cost effective, Weather resistance, Printable, Recycable, Reusable, Corrosion preventive
Special Functions(Optional) UV protection, Flame retardant, Oxidation inhibition, Anti-static, Custom printing
Suitable Produce Asparagus, Grapes, Ginger, Orange, Onion, Banana, Apple, Cherry, Garlic, etc

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  Packing and Shipment  

A few packing methods are suitable for corrugated plastic sheet products packaging. It is quite flexible as it is a strong packing material itself actually. 
a. Nude packing
b. Plastic film packing + Corner protectors
c. Packing belt packing
d. Plastic film+Pallets
e. Cardboard carton boxes


There are more inconceivable applications that corrugated plastic box is able to achieve. Custom designs are available. Let us customize an unique product to suit your own requirement. Please contact us for more information.