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Yard greeting sign

Yard greeting sign

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Kind notice: We manufacture the signs and sell the signs. No rental services available. 
Mantis Product yard surprise signs (yard greeting signs/yard cards) are special yard signs made to celebrate a special event or to surprise someone. The signs offer an interesting, unique option for Birthdays, Graduations, Baby Arrivals, Welcome Homes, & Congratulations, Open House, New Product Presentation, Wedding Celebration, Marriage Proposing, Sports Matches, Other Outdoor Activities, etc.
There is always a special occasion for the person that you love. Decorate the yard, surprise your love!
Mantis Product yard surprise sign is made from UV stabilized fluted plastic board(Corrugated plastic sheet) with a tall or short H shaped steel stake. It is weather proof and very durable. It can be reused many times for many years.  
More Features:
·Printing available on both sides
·Inexpensive. We have huge price advantages on larger quantities.
·Long lasting and durable
·Weather resistance
·Spot colour and full colour graphics printing are available
·Air express shipping offered. Shipping takes 3-5 days to deliver the sign packages to your door from China. 

A sign set is a sign + a steel H stake.

  Specifications Chart  
Product Name Yard surprise sign/yard greeting sign/beach greeting sign/lawn greeting sign/yard cards
Signboard Material UV stabilized corrugated plastic
Signboard Thickness  In between 3.8mm-4mm
Size Letter: 23’’ (58cm) tall;  Number: 20’’(50cm) tall; Graphics: mainly 20’’(50cm) tall;    Tall stake: 24’’(60cm) tall;  Short stake: 16’’(45cm) tall
Stake color                                                     Grey; White
Letter and number color                                                       Optional
Features/Advantages light weight Cost effective
Non-toxic Weather resistance
Waterproof Reusable
Shockproof Recycable
Long lifespan Corrosion preventive
Range of use Birthdays, Graduations, Baby Arrivals, Welcome Homes, & Congratulations, Open house, New product presentation, Wedding celebration, Marriage proposing, Sports matches, other outdoor activities, etc

  Greeting Ideas & Phrases  

Happy {age} Birthday {name}!                     Cheers To {age} Years!
Happy Sweet {age and name}!                    Almost Out Of Prime {name} is {age}!
How Fun! {name} Is {age}!                         Lordy Lordy!  {name} Is {age}!
Oh No! {name} Is The Big {age}!                  {name} Is Over The Hill
Say It Isn't So! {name} Is The Big {age}!      {name} Is Looking Great at {age}!
{name} Is {age} And Fabulous!                    Party On (name)!
Happy Birthday {name} is {age}!                  Happy {age} Birthday Old Pal!{name}
Celebrating {age} Years of {name}!               Fishing You A Happy Birthday!
Best Fishes On Your Birthday!                   It's The Big One! Happy Birthday!
Dear {name}, Happy Birthday!                    Happy Birthday {name}, You Old Buck!
{name} is Hot & Flashy at {age}!                 {name} is {Age} & Functioning!
Everybody Scream!  {name} is {age}!             {Name} Just Happy Birthday! 

 -Anniversaries,Weddings and Proposal 
The Shower Is Here!                                          
Celebrating {name} & {name} {wedding date}    
Happy {number} th Anniversary!
Cheer's To Many More Years!
{name} & {name} I DO! {wedding date}
Best Wishes {name} & {name} {wedding date}
Here’s to the golden years!
{name}, my love, Will You Marry Me?
{name} Marry {name}!
Love of Eternity, {name} Marry me!

 -Baby Showers and New Births 
A Blessing Has Arrived!                                       
Welcome God's Little Miracle!
It's A Boy/Girl! {name} {birthdate}                        
Congratulations {mom's name}!
{name} Is Here! {weight}                                    
The Shower Is Here!
Welcome Baby {name}! {weight}                          
Let's Shower {name} With Love!

 -Schools and Fundraisers 
Welcome Back Students!                                    
We {heart} Our Teachers!
Registration/Donations Here!                            
Auction/Gala Tonight!
Happy Summer!                                                
Happy Birthday {teacher's name}!
Countdown To Summer!                                    
Coach {name} Rocks!
Our Cheerleaders Rock!                                    
{school name} Baseball/Football, etc #1!
Congrats State/District Champs!
Book Fair Today!

 -Business and sales 
Open House! 
Welcome Home {name}!
Congrats On Your New Home {name}!
Now Open!
Happy Hour!
Grand Opening!
Wine Tasting Special Promotions! Garage Sale/Estate Sale!                              
Now Leasing! Excellent Schools!
For Sale!/For Lease!

 -Festivals and Holidays 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy New Year! Happy 2018!
Happy Spring Festival!
Happy Easter!
Happy Valentine’s day!
Happy Halloween! Oops!
Happy Anzac Day!
Happy Birthday My Queen!

Happy Labour Day!
Happy National Day!

 -Games and Matches 
{team name} VS{team name} ! Win-Win!
Nice PK! {Team name} and {Team name}!
{Game name} Competition! {time} and {Location}
{team name} The Best Team Ever!

  More Details- in Various Scenes  

  More Details-Product Details Photos 

  Graphics Options  

  Lively Snapshots- Fun Moments  

  Packing and Shipment  

Quality cardboard carton box is used to protect printed signworks during transportation. 5 layers and 7mm thick box walls will be a double-secured safeguard for the signs protected inside.

For large quantity of sign orders, sea shipping is the most economic way for customers to take. For small quantity of sign orders, air express shipping is the fastest and the most economic way for customers to take.  This would be how the two shipping ways work with Mantis sign products. 


There are more inconceivable occasions on which Mantis Product yard surprise signs are able to be used. Custom colors and graphics designs are available. Decorate the yard, surprise your love!Please contact us for more information.