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Tree Guard / Tree Shelter

Tree Guard / Tree Shelter

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Mantis Product® Tree guard is made from rigid, durable and UV&oxidation stabilised corrugated plastic (corflute). It is also called fluted plastic guard, corflute guard, rigid corflute vine guard, corrugated plastic tree shelter.
Corrugated plastic tree guards are made to nurture trees in the early stages of their growth. They are to protect young trees from browsing by herbivores and rodents by forming a physical barrier as well as providing a barrier to chemical spray purposes. Some country folks poison, trap and electrocute small wild animals to protect their plants from damage. The tree guards will be a perfect solution to the killing and both plants and wild animals protecting.
In addition, tree guards accelerate growth by creating a green house environment that reduces moisture stree, channels growth into the main stem and roots and allows efficient control of weeds that can rob young seedlings of soil moisture and sunlight.
More features:
·Light weight

·Corrosion preventive
·Fast to install
·Long outdoor lifespan upto at least 3 years above
·Presentable appearance
·Flat packed for transport
·A hard wood stake or a bamboo stick is all needed for installing the guard.
·Easy to open out for a wood stake inserting

·MOQ: 10,000pcs

  Specifications Chart      
Tree Guard Material Corrugated plastic (fluted plastic, twinwall plastic, corflute)
Available Style Triangle  (Welded close; tabbed) Square (Various designs)
Size 200mmx100mm, 450mmx200mm, 300mmx200mm, 450mmx150mm, 600mmx200mm, 600mmx150mm, 600mmx90mm, 1030mmx80mm 500mmx100mm, 500mmx80mm, 600mmx100mm, 600mmx150mm, 750mmx100mm, 1200mmx125mm
Custom Designs&Sizes Available
Colour Green tint, or other custom colours
Outdoor Life Span 3 years above

  More Details- Various designs  

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There are more inconceivable tree guard/ tree shelter styles that Mantis Product is able to achieve. Custom size and designs are available. Let us customize an unique product to suit your own requirement. Please contact us for more information.