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Corrugated Plastic Range:
Finished Products
·Corrugated plastic sheeting manufacturing and supplying
·Corrugated plastic containers manufacturing and supplying
·Corrugated plastic layer pad manufacturing and supplying
·Corrugated plastic signage manufacturing and supplying
·Customizing all above items for special customers
Related Processes
·Welding (Ultrasonic, rod)
·Edge sealing
·Cutting and die cutting
·Creasing and folding
·Printing (Digital printing, silk screen printing, offset printing )
·Sheet spooling
·Corona treating
·Professional solutions providing to your products packaging and other industrial requirements.  
·For saving public resources, Mantis Product also deals with idled and useless corrugated plastic sheeting material purchasing, recycling, shredding and granulating.

International Trade Range:
Value-added Services
·China sourcing services on non-Mantis Product products for regular customers
 - Supplier field visit; Payment security; Production inspection
·Inland logistics handling
·Sea shipment and air shipment booking
·Exporting and Customs declaring procedures handling
·China trips arranging

Mantis Product international trade teams are a bunch of experts that have devoted into the industry for years and are willing to bring these good services to each customer.